Embrace No matter Makes You Comfortable (Even If It’s Completely Bizarre)

I wanted I liked something on this planet as a lot as my present foster canine loves this one janky, busted-ass tennis ball.

Mocha has a plethora of toys at his disposal, together with a number of he’s gutted in a spree of pleasant destruction which have since been retired to the trash can. However I can’t trash this ball, as a result of for some cause, regardless of its having misplaced almost each trait that makes a tennis ball entertaining, it’s nonetheless his absolute favourite toy on this planet.

At first, its attraction made sense: Mocha desires to play, Mocha will get the tennis ball and brings it to us, we throw the tennis ball into the corridor, he retrieves it and the entire thing begins over once more. Typically we throw it in a single path and it bounces into the bed room. Typically we throw it in one other and it caroms into the kitchen. Thrown at full pace, it may possibly lead a canine that’s chasing it throughout just about all the size of our tiny little home. Whether or not I’m working or watching TV with the husband, this recreation is one thing we will play with Mocha advert nauseam, which is merciful as a result of Mocha has some severe bursts of vitality and our two senior canine are not down with being his roughhousing buddy.

However the tennis ball is not what it as soon as was.


Along with its service as train software, it’s additionally performed the function of chew toy after we’re not out there for fetch video games, and as such it’s been slowly and methodically stripped of all of its fuzz in a number of mysterious grooming classes. A number of particularly emphatic chomps break up the ball straight down the center a couple of week in the past, so it now hangs open by one final, tenuous seam like a clam that’s been stepped on. Once we throw it now — which Mocha nonetheless insists we do — the ball not bounces and caroms delightfully down the corridor and into varied rooms at a pace that invitations glad chasing. It simply type of thunk-womp-womp-wobbles to a spot just a few ft away after which lies there like a slug.

Mocha nonetheless dutifully runs after it, as a lot as he can within the few ft it’s rolled, then turns tail and brings it again to us so we will toss it once more. When he will get drained, he lies down and continues to meticulously destroy it only a teensy bit extra.

I completely don’t get it, however I don’t really want to. He will get it, and he clearly thinks it’s superior, and that’s adequate for me. On this — as in so many issues I received’t get into as a result of I’m a loopy canine woman and will discuss classes our canine train us for without end — I imagine there’s one thing we will study from our four-legged buddies.


In Protection of the Issues That Make Us Comfortable Weirdos

Very like Mocha’s sorry-looking tennis ball, all of us have issues we love that different individuals are considerably mystified by. However not like Mocha’s unabashed enthusiasm for an object the remainder of us see as questionable, we are likely to maintain our uncommon loves a secret solely we (and probably just a few shut buddies who already know what weirdos we actually are) learn about.

Whether or not it’s a love for an unconventional passion, an un-hip band or a tacky actuality TV present, most of us attempt to maintain our stranger passions to ourselves. If we take pleasure in them, we do it behind closed curtains and behind the facade of the extra acceptable, cooler pursuits we current to the world at giant.

However right here’s the factor: everybody else on this planet at giant is secretly a weirdo, too. (Tweet!)

That super-poised colleague who intimidates you at work? She psyches herself up earlier than huge conferences by listening to Katy Perry’s “Roar” on her earbuds in a stall within the rest room.

That hipster buddy who sneers at anybody who has something to do with mainstream tradition? He has a secret assortment of Walker, Texas Ranger DVDs — and he doesn’t watch them mockingly.

That Crossfitting, Paleo-proselytizing sister of yours has had a secret dependancy since she was a child, one she nonetheless dips into when she’s had a very tough day: Cap’n-Crunch-and-Pixy-Stix sandwiches, smushed collectively simply the best way she noticed Ally Sheedy do it on The Breakfast Membership, the place she first picked up the behavior.

None of us is a 100% “regular” human being, as a result of “normalcy” is a shadow time period which means, at finest, “what most individuals are likely to do (so far as you’ll be able to inform), which doesn’t essentially imply it’s good or dangerous, simply that most individuals are likely to do it (so far as you’ll be able to inform).”

So screw your secret disgrace over your oddball hobbies, habits, loves and fandoms. Screw feeling embarrassed in regards to the stuff you assume solely you “get.” As a result of so long as you “get” them, then they’re superior, and that’s all that basically issues.

What bizarre issues make YOU secretly glad?

(I’ll get it began: I like juggling sock balls whereas folding the laundry, dancing like a idiot to any type of oldschool hip hop, and sniffing the tops of my canine’ heads the best way regular folks sniff infants’ heads (which, let’s be sincere, isn’t any extra “regular” than sniffing a canine).)

Picture:  Pink Sherbet Pictures / Flickr

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